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Why support big faceless corporations by buying your DRM filled ebook through them when you could support little ole Cooper Beckett by buying this collection from him. It comes with all the formats you'll ever need (until they create a new one) epub, mobi, and pdf, and they're all completely free of Digital Rights Management. (It's a good thing!)

Beginning on a first date with a couple of swingers, followed by working through social anxiety and shyness, recognizing the importance of touch in life, evolving feelings about love and expectations, having threesomes, orgies, and prostate orgasms, going through a divorce, and leveling up in life and sexuality.

For six years, Cooper S. Beckett has written for Life on the Swingset, a website born out of the feeling that he’d learned enough in his whole year of swinging to tell other people how to live their non-monogamous lives. His hubris can be seen from space. From that writing he has collected personal essays, stories, erotica, and prescriptive “how-tos” into this memoir of his life on The Swingset.

He may be biased when it comes to swinging, polyamory, and other forms of ethical non-monogamy (in fact, he most certainly is) but he doesn’t sugar-coat it. He speaks honestly and earnestly about a unique way to live life, one that allows for sexual and loving growth and experimentation, a strong sense of community, and the ability to do what we all crave, whether we know it or not: Be honest with ourselves and others about what we want sexually. And out of life.

This third edition includes a new essay and an excerpt from Beckett's novel A Life Less Monogamous.

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